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Like all good things, OM Boutique Productions started from a dream...

My name is Orit Marash, and my dream started to evolve when I was living with my family in Atlanta, USA. Living outside of my country, within a community of like minded friends, made me realize that what is truly missing for me is the culture which is close to my heart and home country.

It took some time, but my dream finally came true when I moved with my family to Singapore.


In Asia there are many different expatriate communities who manage to be assimilated within the local community, but the feeling of missing connecting to something familiar and close to home,. is something that is common for every foreign community living in a foreign country.

OM Boutique Productions provides the expatriate communities in Asia with artists, bands, speakers and various experts from their home country and culture.

During the past few years I gained vast experience in producing events and accompanying artists

in overseas events. I specialize in personalizing the events according to the customer’s needs.


  • Are you an artist wanting to perform to your community in Asia?

  • Are you living in Asia and miss your favorite stand up comedian?

  • Do you miss your favorite band?

  • Want to bring interesting speakers from your home country?


At OM Boutique Productions, WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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